March 2016

Regent Porto Montenegro

This Regent Porto Montenegro hotel is built within the superyacht marina of Porto Montenegro and has to die for views of the boats and the whole bay. It gives an excellent starting point to explore the area and this fabulous country. The place is not packed with tourists yet and you feel quite special staying here.
It is lively but not touristy, you will always get a seat in the restaurants and bars. It is also local and yet stylish, it is modern but also packed with history. Go now, before the rest of the world will follow.
The hotel is built within the village, so when you sit down on the terrace for breakfast, for example, you can witness everyday life in the village. You see people going about their day to day business. You feel immediately part of the village while you are on holiday. I loved being right in the middle of it, it felt so familiar. The rooms are lovely, spacious, and in modern maritime decor. The staff throughout the hotel is very attentive, friendly, and helpful. The food is delicious and everything looks so beautiful. I didn't want our holiday to come to an end. I could have stayed and stayed...

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