March 2016

Montenegro, first time around

A hidden gem in the Mediterranean where mass tourism during the summer months has not arrived just yet (at least it hadn't in 2015 when we first visited). Beautiful scenery, clear blue waters, sunny weather, beaches, culture, and tasty restaurants. Montenegro really came on my radar when the hotel company I work for opened a hotel there in 2014. The country is located south of Croatia, has approximately 625.000 inhabitants and its capital city is called Podgorica. Tourism is a very important source of income and it is rapidly growing due to the country's diversity and great offerings.

We flew into Dubrovnik, rented a car, and drove south towards the town of Tivat, one of the towns in the Bay of Kotor. It takes approximately one hour to drive, also depending on the time spent crossing the border from Croatia to Montenegro. Once you arrive on the coast, you drive down the street until you get to a ferry crossing. Take it to get to the other side of the bay and you will then reach Tivat and the fabulous Regent Porto Montenegro hotel within ten minutes.

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