A no beach day in Sardinia

We decided on a no beach day to see some of our surrounding areas in the North of the island. We headed to the famous town Porto Cervo and Costa Smeralda which Sardinia is famous for. Porto Cervo is a beautiful town that even looks rich and expensive. It was nice to see but after a quick look around we moved on. Apart from Costa Smeralda, Sardinia is also famous for its Nuraghe sites. There is no consensus on the original function of the nuraghes. There are many possible explanations ranging from rulers residences, military strongholds, meeting halls, religious temples, ordinary dwellings, or a combination of the former. We visited La Prisgiona, a nuraghe and a village comprising around 90-100 buildings, spread across 5 hectares. Great to look around this ancient sight and learn about its history.
After our visit, we searched for a beach restaurant for a late lunch and found Pedro's, which is located at a beach called Rena Bianca. Perfect place to enjoy Pasta, the view of the beach, and for a break. Driving back to our hotel, we stopped in Olbia for a quick look around. Admittedly, it looks like a nice town with some shops and restaurants around but there was not much to see and do. So we walked around for a bit and made our way back to San Teodoro to relax...

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