We love Italy and we keep coming back to discover more. And when we started planning this vacation, Sardinia quickly came to mind. After four days in Rome, we flew with Alitalia from Rome to the capital of Sardini, Cagliari. This flight only takes one hour and we quickly arrived at the Mediterranean\'s second largest island. Once we got our luggage, we headed to the car rental station and picked up our Carmen to drive to our first hotel, which I introduce to you when you read on further. We divided our time on the island and spent some time in the South and some in the North. To us, the North seemed a bit busier with more things to see and explore. But all in all we loved everything about our divers holiday. Beautiful landscapes, hotels that fit their surroundings (we did not see any massive hotel blocks which we loved), fabulous Italian food, professional and friendly service wherever we went, stunning beaches, crystal clear water and sunshine. And to top it all of, it took under two hours to fly home to Berlin from Olbia. If you haven\'t been, do try it out. It is absolutely worth it in my opinion!!

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