My Venice for you

We lived in the fabulously unique city of Venice for the past nine months and I am now sharing some of my very personal recommendations with you here. I had the opportunity to work and live in this fantastic city and experienced Venice during different seasons and challenging times. We arrived in the middle of summer with crazy humidity and heat, enjoyed warm autumn until the high waters (acqua alta) arrived in November. Once this was over, winter was there and it turned out to be a dry and lovely one indeed. And just before we left, it was Carnival in Venice and I can wholeheartedly recommend visiting Venice during this time to see the costumes and dance on Piazza San Marco and many other squares in the city. Then the virus stopped all activities in Venice and it coincided with the end of my posting in Venice and our move to Vienna. And so I would like to leave you my recommendations for La Serenissima. Do read on for what to do, what to see, where to eat, what to drink and besides the obvious sights what you can come to the city for. I hope you like it and if you have questions or comments, please do get in touch at any time.

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8 Things to Explore

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