November 2019

Venetian things to do

There are many things that are typical for Venice. Being on a boat, for example, is something I do every day. I am on the shuttle to work every day but there is also the Vaporetto service that works like a bus in cities with streets and cars. In Venice, there are many Vaporetto routes that take you around the city, either to get from A to B or just to see the city from a different perspective. Just make sure you have tickets and know which way you are going. Once you figured it out it is a great way to get around, get to the beach and get to the airport for example. And then there is the Aperitivo and Cicchetti culture. Every afternoon you find people gathering in bars and cafes all over town for a Spritz, a Prosecco or glass of wine and a Cicchetti which usually is a piece of baguette bread with something delicious made from fish, meat or vegetables. You can do this before dinner to get a taste or make a divers meal of it and go on a little Cicchetti crawl around the city! Love it!!

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