November 2019

La Serenissima - Venezia

After nearly eight years in Berlin, we were ready for a new adventure. Alex said to me, he wants to live where Palm trees grow and the seaside is close. That was my brief and now all I had to do was find a job that fit. When my headhunter called and said, what about Venice, I was actually interested. It is not a city I ever imagined to live in, as I do not speak Italian, I only eat Italian quite well... But as Venice lives of International Tourism, speaking Italian was not the most important priority when they needed to fill this position. So I thought why not and gave it a go. After a few conversations and an online assessment centre, I was invited for a personal interview. And on the last April weekend, we flew to Venice and were taken in a private water taxi to this hotel which was to become my new place of work. We fell in love with the beauty of this place and I signed the contract then and there. In July I started my position with the beautiful San Clemente Palace Kempinski and now, four months later I finally have the chance to share some details of our new life in Venice here with you. In this article, I will show you my new hotel, some impressions of Venice and some personal recommendations. The list of recommendation will obviously grow, the longer we stay, so do stay tuned for more!!

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