September 2016

Los Angeles

Last autumn I had to travel to the US for work and we chose to add a week of holidays afterwards. We decided to spend the week in the City of Angels - Los Angeles. The perfect spot for some November sunshine, especially when it is grey and miserable at home.

The Californian sunshine never disappoints... We decided against a hotel on this occasion, booked our apartment via AirBnB, and chose Silver Lake as the place to stay. Our apartment was on a hill and out from the deck, we had an excellent view of this huge city. The apartment was part of a house where the owners lived too. It was easy to park on the street, in the summer there is a pool and it was within walking distance to all the cool Silver Lake hangouts on Sunset Boulevard. The perfect starting point to explore this huge city. I have to admit that I was never a big fan of Los Angeles and didn't understand the appeal besides the weather. I have been a number of times, but most of the time I travelled there for work. But since LA is Alex's all-time favourite city, he led the way and showed me his LA and showed me why he likes it some much. After only five days there I have to say I get it more and more. Here are some of the reasons why... I guess I have to keep coming back for more...

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