April 2016

Sand Dune & Father Crowley Point, Death Valley

From Death Valley, we drove on to LA. On our way there we stop at the sand dunes of Death Valley National Park. It is a protected area and no vehicles are permitted. The highest dune is only about 100m high but the dunes cover a vast area. Impressive sight!

For lunch, we stopped at Panamint Springs Resort after driving down a long road which phenomenal views. After some real American burgers, we continued our journey to stop at one last Death Valley viewpoint. Be sure not to miss this! It is called Father Crowley Point and you have to walk approximately 15 minutes from the parking lot to get to the edge of the viewpoint but this is definitely more than worth it. We only came across 3 other tourists and had the whole place to ourselves... Which felt likes the whole world was ours alone... Amazing!!

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