April 2016

Bad Water Basin & Golden Canyon, Death Valley

Bad Water Basin
We didn't waste much time on arrival and drove to the saltwater lake "Bad Water Lake" which is located 85m below sea level. Walking from the parking spot on to the salt lake field was amazing as we had never seen anything like this before in our lives. a stunningly beautiful landscape, amazing colours and you can look as far as your eyes take you. This was one of the few times in my life where I somehow felt a total sense of freedom. This is a very unique spot and very high up on my personal recommendation list!

Golden Canyon
We also stopped at the Golden Canyon, from where you have stunning views of the whole valley. At the entrance of the canyon is a convenient parking lot and once you leave the car, you walk straight through the beautiful golden rocks of this canyon. The Canyon is easy to walk, you see many different rock formations and you can either walk in and back or you walk a loop which is approximately 4 miles long. Very pretty!

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