November 2018

Andros & Mykonos, Greece

In 2018 we decided to give Greece another go for our summer holiday. The Greek Islands are perfect for summer, sun, and relaxation. It is however hard to choose where to go with so many good options around. After much deliberation, we decided to stay on two different islands, a well-known one and an island we and many people we spoke to, had not heard of before. We booked our flights to Athens, took a taxi from the airport to the port of Rafina on the eastern side of the Greek capital. From Rafina we then took a ferry to our first stop, the island of Andros. This was about a two-hour journey with great views of the Aegean sea and lots of holiday feelings. It’s quite easy to travel by ferry as they run regularly at different times of the day. Do read on below for more on this lovely island-hopping holiday!

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