Sightseeing in Zagreb

After a few hours at the Arena Centre Shopping Mall and spending some money, we headed back to the city center to explore. From the Esplanade Hotel, we headed north towards the Upper City, past the historic buildings of the old town, towards Ban Josip Jelacic square. All around the square are numerous, boutique, shops, restaurants, and cafes mixed with the historic sights of the city. Take the funicular to get to the highest point of the city for a great view all around. The Lotrscak Tower is a great spot for photos. And if you are in need of a break and something delicious, head to Tkalciceva Street. There is one restaurant and café next to another and you are spoilt for choice.

There is a lot to see and discover in Zagreb and these are my top sightseeing recommendations:
The Cathedral is a strikingly beautiful roman catholic landmark and the tallest building in Croatia. Constructed and firstly opened in 1217 it has a long history and suffered many setbacks. A great landmark of the city and a must-see in my opinion on your tour of the city.
The Museum of Broken Relationships was recommended to me and is dedicated to failed relationships of any kind. It is the city's first privately owned museum and very popular with tourist (open 7 days a week) At the start of the idea for this museum, people sent items that reminded them of lost love or a lost relative and they wrote down the brief story that comes with this donation they made. Once the collection reached a significant size of items and stories, it started travelling the world before it found a permanent home in Zagreb. Since 2016, the city of Los Angeles also has a Museum of Broken Relationships!
St. Mark's Church is still active and the parish church of the old Zagreb. On the roof, the tiles represent the coat of arms of Zagreb and the Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Slovenia, and Dalmatia.

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