Going out

On Friday night, we visited a Jazz Bar. The hotel reserved a space for us and got a table right next to the band. I have to admit I don't know that much about Jazz, but Alex is really into music and he enjoyed it very much. The bar is called "Harmica" and they have live Jazz music every night of the week. What I loved most about it was that the musicians came in with their instruments to listen to the performance. They were guests like us, but at one point, one of them got his trumpet out and just joined the three other musicians performing for an impromptu session. That was pretty cool and the audience really enjoyed it too. Another tip I want to mention is a Café called "Velvet". We found it while walking the streets on Sunday afternoon. Very stylishly decorated from the inside, great selection of coffees and cake and for a quick espresso, they even have cushions on the window sills outside. Loved it!

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