February 2022

What is Linz like?

We wanted to have a little change in scenery and decided to take a day trip to Linz. We hadn´t heard much about Linz until now and we only knew we could go there in a day and come back. Then I started to look for recommendations and things to do and I came across this fabulous travel blog called Chronic Wanderlust. Many great recommendations, not only for Linz, have a look https://www.chronic-wanderlust.com Thank you Viki for the great recommendations.

Linz is Austrias third largest city and is located between Salzburg and Vienna. It used to be an industrial city known for producing steel. But in the last twenty years the city reinvented itself and is now a famous university town with a buzzing cultural scene. And so we decided to have a look for ourselves.

We left home in the morning and arrived in Linz on a Saturday morning. We parked close to the Mariendome and had the most impressive sight of the city right in front of us. We then continued our walk through the pedestrianised inner city and were quite impressed. Lovely old buildings, some cool shops not only the usual ones that you find on every high street. Then we found our breakfast spot where we reserved a table. A really cute little place called "Little Dancer" with great coffee and even breakfast burritos (Alex´s favourite) on the menu. The perfect start to our little city tour and all thumbs up for this cafe and its team, we loved it.

We continued our tour towards the river, along the Danube and towards the Mural Harbour Gallery. And then the rain came and decided against the boat tour to see the murals. Maybe we come back during a warmer period next time.

We continued back towards the city and one thing I still find strange is the fact that shops and some cafes and restaurants are closed on a Saturday afternoon, even in the big cities in Austria. Only once we got back to the center, there was life on the streets again. We found another cute coffee place, walked up to the castle museum and had a great view of the city.

So what is Linz like? Well quite nice for a day trip or short break I would say. Lovely historic buildings, wonderful views of the city, the great Danube and a fabulous selection of cafes and restaurants to spend time and taste great things. Try it!

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