May 2021

My Austria Bucket List

Over the past weeks, I have done some research into the must does in Austria to create my own Austria Bucket List. I read other Travel Blogs, I asked my Instagram community, I checked the website of the Austrian Tourism Board and read many other articles and recommendation pages, to come up with a list of at least 10 things I feel we really must do in Austria. Some are obvious and I found them on nearly every list I looked at. And some are a little different and I am really excited to start planning and doing all things on my list. I will update this article as we work on experiencing our bucket list and maybe a few of them are for you too:

  • Hallstatt - Visit this town for the scenery, the cobblestone streets, the salt mines, the cafes on the lake. It is a must-do, it´s on many lists and I so look forward to seeing it for myself!
  • Salzburg - I landed at Salzburg Airport to go skiing a few times in the past but I have never visited the city. So Salzburg is definitely a to-do to explore the city along with the “Sound of Music” filming locations. Thank you Sarah Post for the hint, love it!!
  • Wine Picnic - There is such a lovely wine culture in Austria and I want us to get a picnic with accompanying wine from a local winemaker and enjoy the delicious products sitting in the grass!
  • Walk a treetop path (Baumwipfelpfad Salzkammergut or maybe Baumwipfelweg Althodis im Burgenland, I am still deciding)
  • Visit the “Hotel Hirschen” in Schwarzenberg / Vorarlberg - a tip from my Travel Industry friend Camille Cutrone Holubar, President of Vista Travel Consultants Inc. She has wholeheartedly recommended this very historic hotel (a hotel since 1755) and the full gastronomic experience that comes with it. So this definitely goes my Austria Bucket List, thank you Camille this is exactly what I was looking for! Can’t wait to go!!
  • As recommended by the “MiaVia” Team in Vienna, visit Burg Bernstein in the Burgenland area for a historic and quiet weekend away
  • Lake Hoping in Salzkammergut - pick a few of the 67 lakes and explore a handful at a time. Buy or rent a SUP and explore from the waterside. Cannot wait for summer to start!
  • Spend a night in a mountain hut!
  • Ride an Alpine Slide
  • Coffee House Hoping in Vienna - so many great Cafes in the city, so many different experiences
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