April 2017

Old 77 Hotel in New Orleans

Finding and deciding on the right hotel is always a big thing for me, but speaking to my friend Linda, a professional Travel Agent from New York about our planned trip made it a whole lot easier. She knows the city by heart and after I told her what we were looking for she recommended the Old 77 Hotel. So we went with her recommendation and she booked a room for us at this fabulous boutique hotel.

The Old No. 77 Hotel used to be a Warehouse in its former life and has been transformed into a chic, artsy boutique hotel with cool designs which is located in the heart of NOLA, only three blocks from the French Quarter. Our room was spacious with great decorations and huge windows overlooking the front of the hotel. Our bathroom was well appointed, a spacious closet had room for all our stuff, and Wifi was included in the rate. The hotel has a gym, a great-looking bar, and a restaurant that was full every night we were there. I was very much looking forward to staying at this hotel and it didn't disappoint. The location is perfect, the price fair, the style excellent and most staff members were really friendly and helpful. If I am honest I feel that some staff members in the F&B outlets could have tried a little harder to be hospitable but overall we had a fabulous experience at this hotel and we would definitely return.

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