April 2017

New Orleans

I have wanted to go to New Orleans for such a long time and Alex is always open to a trip to the US and to explore a new part of this huge country. So this year we decided it was finally time to travel south and see for ourselves what we only heard of so far.

If you have never been, I can wholeheartedly recommend a visit to this fabulous city. We went in March and have been told it was the perfect time to be there as it was warm and a little humid, but nothing compared to what it can be like a little later in the year. We had rain for one morning but perfect blue skies and warm weather for the rest of our stay. New Orleans is located in the southern part of the United States in the state of Louisiana close to the Gulf of Mexico. It is known for its music, vibrant nightlife, spicy food, and a great mix of cultures. We drove down south to the Big Easy, stayed for four nights, and left with great memories of this truly fabulous city.

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