September 2017

Four great things to do in Las Vegas

The Strip
The Strip is a stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard famous for its concentration of resort hotels and casinos. The Strip is often referred to as Las Vegas although the city is much larger than this. It is considered a scenic route at night and many of the largest hotel, casino, and resort properties in the world are located there. Walking along The Strip one sees enormous hotels, lots of shopping and eating opportunities, and so many colourful people dressed as famous characters from movies, TV, and theatre shows. All in the name of entertainment... it is absolutely well worth it to stroll up and down The Strip, as it shows the Las Vegas everyone talks about.

The High Roller
I have been wanting to go on this gigantic observation wheel for many years and this year (2017) I bought my ticket online ahead of my visit and was so looking forward to the fabulous views of the Nevada desert from all the way out there. The Las Vegas high roller is located on the opposite side of the street from Caesar's Palace. To get to the entrance, walk down a small road with many bars and restaurants. I was lucky and there was really no queue at the entrance to the high roller and I got into my cubicle in no time. The ride takes 30 minutes once around and it goes really slow so you hardly feel it moving. You've got excellent views of the whole strip and you can see how vast and huge the city of Las Vegas really is. You can walk around the cubicle, there is space to sit and there is a recording with facts about the ride and the observation wheel. It is not cheap (I paid 27 USD) but I can really recommend the experience.

There are obviously many shopping options in and around the city. I like the outlet shopping mall and there is one on the northern and one on the southern part of the strip, so the choice is yours and all the big names are available in either mall. In addition, I can also recommend a visit to the Fashion Show Mall which is located opposite the Wynn hotels. A large mall with a great selection of shops for all kinds of taste and budgets. Great shopping in Las Vegas!

Oh, and Casinos of course
I tend to forget about the casinos because I'm not really into gambling. But they should definitely be on your To-Do list, even if you just walk through one. All hotel-casinos have public spaces that everyone can visit and it is quite an experience. It makes you curious about this gambling world, how it works, and curious about the people playing. Years ago I tried my luck on the slot machines a little and it is fun. But set yourself a budget and only play with money that would not hurt if you lose it. I somehow donĀ“t often feel tempted to play but it is fun at least once I think.

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