September 2017

The Bellagio

The Bellagio is more than just a hotel...
Staying at The Bellagio hotel really is something else. This amazing hotel was opened in October 1998 and has been an icon on the Vegas strip ever since for its grand architecture and stunning water feature. The beautiful fountain in front of the hotel fascinates me every time. Time and time again I take photos and I have so many pictures of this fabulous display now.
Upon arrival at the hotel, especially on a Saturday night, it is usually always busy. It is not only a hotel and casino, it is also one of the big sights of the city of Las Vegas. The lobby of the hotel is busy with people taking pictures of the beautiful glass flower ceiling (the flower decoration throughout the hotel is amazing and changes frequently). Additionally, there are of course people staying in the hotel, going to and from the restaurants, and visiting the casino. The Bellagio has a whopping 3950 rooms altogether, combined with 12 restaurants, bars, nightclubs, a huge conference area, shopping, a pool, and a very large casino, it is a hotel dimension that is out of this world.
The rooms are large with either king or twin beds, big bathrooms, and lots of space. Wifi is free of charge and guests have views either of the pool area and the Nevada mountains or of the fountain and the Vegas Strip. Wherever you go in the hotel, the staff are friendly, helpful, and attentive which is great. I have personally eaten in four of their restaurants and food and service have always been excellent. My favorite has to be "Yellowtail", the Japanese restaurant which has an outside terrace with direct fountain views. If you get the chance, try it out. It is really something else!

The fountains at The Bellagio fascinate me every time. Inspired by Lake Como in Italy they dance to 30 different songs and it always feels really special watching the performance. During the week they run between 3 PM in the afternoon until midnight and at weekends the performances start at lunchtime and also run until midnight. To me, a visit to the fountain is definitely part of the real Las Vegas experience as it is a spectacular show of water, music, and light. And it’s absolutely free for any visitor to enjoy!

A Mediterranean-inspired poolside experience that feels like a treat after a day at the conference. Great for a relaxing dip in turquoise waters or to top up your summer tan a little. Five distinctive pool courtyard settings are available for hotel guests as well as a spa, an exquisite garden vista café, private cabanas, and poolside massage treatments. Perfect to get a little holiday feeling even if you are in town for work.

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