July 2016

Kühlungsborn, Baltic Sea

From Berlin, you can be on the beach in under three hours. This is exactly what we did this July weekend. Our destination was Kühlungsborn, north of Rostock on the Baltic Sea Coast. We chose to stay at the Upstalsboom Resort and Spa Hotel directly at the waterfront. The city of Kühlungsborn has two parts, east, and west and our hotel were located in the middle. A pedestrian walk connects both parts of this town as well as a cobblestone street where cars and bicycles go. Summer is of course high season, but people enjoy the calming destination all year round. Summer is busy and there is hardly an empty room or apartment to be found last minute. For me, it is a great weekend destination if you are based in Berlin or Hamburg or anywhere in between. And people also spend a week or longer enjoying the beach life.

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