January 2017

The man behind the scenes

I would like to introduce the man who makes all this possible. Please meet Alex, you might have seen him in one or the other picture on this site but he really is behind the lens on most occasions. It is really because of him, that I started writing this blog. He is one of those people that everybody likes... He is quiet at first sight but can talk a lot if you let him. He is very funny and has this dry, child-like sense of humour which makes me laugh out loud all the time. And he is really good with the camera, has a great eye for detail and style, likes to get his teeth into the subject he is working on and will only stop if it all works out. On one hand he is a Project Manager for a Berlin Start-up company in the IT and Music Industry and on the other hand he creates personalized websites for people and companies, takes fantastic photos and gets creative with his website and this blog of course. He built this site from scratch, taught me how to use and creates new features and gimmicks to further develop this page and the look and feel of it.

He grew up in Cottbus, 90 minutes south of Berlin and moved to the big city over 10 years ago. He has been working in the Berlin Start-up scene ever since and this is how he developed and grew his passion for all things digital. He is really into music, used to play in a band for fun and would be my "phone a friend" for all questions related to music, musicians and songs. He loves food and there is nothing he wouldn't try. He is the most patient person I know and really easy to be and work with.

If he could have it his way, he would move to LA in a heartbeat. He has visited this city many times and has fallen in love with Los Angeles and California at the same time. It is his happy place and he can't get enough exploring this city time and time again.

The Tools
For photos, he uses the Fujifilm X-T4 camera and has recommended this camera to many people already. His computer is of course from Apple he would never exchange his iPhone for another brand. To see more of his work visit his website www.parkwayberlin.com or follow him on Instagram @alexgloeckner

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