January 2017

Berlin breakfast spots

We love having breakfast and in Berlin, you have so many different breakfast places to choose from. People enjoy having breakfast outside and they take their time when going out for the first meal of the day. Here, we are putting together our recommendations of places we have tried and tested ourselves. Once we have been to a new place we will add them as we go along. I hope some of our choices are useful and give you an inspiration of where to go next time. Enjoy and Guten Appetit!

The cafe "Elbspeicher" is located in the heart of the district Prenzlauer Berg and the name would let you think it is an old warehouse by the river Elbe. Quite to the contrary, it is very light and bright looking in typical northern style but is also reminds of a typical Berlin apartment as it is laid out over more than one floor and in different rooms. You do not only get to have breakfast, but you also get an idea of what typical Berlin flats look like in this part of town. We went there to have breakfast but it is also a great place to enjoy a delicious coffee and cake which you see all on display. The breakfast menu offers a great choice of dishes, coffees, and drinks and I can definitely recommend "Elbspeicher" for a great breakfast location for couples, girlfriends, and families.

Kaffeehaus SowohlAlsAuch
If you are in Prenzlauer Berg you have a great choice of coffee houses, breakfast places, and restaurants to choose from. For the last breakfast in 2016, we chose "SowohlAlsAuch" which is located in the middle of the Kiez, in walking distance to the great weekend market at Kollwitzplatz and in between the many great shops and boutiques of the area. The place was buzzing when we arrived around 11ish, but we were lucky and got a table straight away. Looking at the menu, we saw a fantastic choice of a la carte breakfast dishes for everybody's taste, many different coffees and teas, and tasty dishes for lunch and afternoon which made us want to go back another day. The restaurant is decorated in warm colours, and has a decent size so your chances of getting a table are good. In summer they also have a big outside terrace in addition to their indoor space. Our food arrived quickly, the portions are big, the price is fair, the atmosphere cozy and the staff really friendly. I would definitely go back for breakfast or for the fantastic-looking choice of cakes!

Nalu Diner
One weekend, we tried out Nalu's Diner in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. It is located next to Helmholtzplatz and offers a true American breakfast experience. For starters, you can sit and eat at the bar which I absolutely love. Especially when you are alone but also if it is just the two of you, I love sitting next to each other on comfy chairs and with enough space to eat and watch the goings-on behind the bar. The menu offers you typical American breakfast dishes like pancakes, omelets, and free refills for coffee. The food took a little longer to arrive but it was really tasty with big portions. I can definitely recommend Nalu's Diner for the real deal American breakfast in Berlin. And I heard the Burgers are good too. I guess we have to go back one of these evenings...

Allan`s Breakfast Club and Wine Bar
On a Sunday morning, we finally managed to have breakfast at Allan's Breakfast Club in Prenzlauer Berg. We recently found this place and it had a great review on Foursquare so we had to try it out. And it didn't disappoint. Reserving a table is a must before you go because it gets really busy. The vibe is great, the staff is all guys wearing jeans aprons all with their unique individual style. Super friendly and fast, great atmosphere and really tasty food and coffee. Different dishes on the menu from your usual Berlin breakfast eatery and if you don't look out of the window you could easily imagine being in Australia and not too far away from the beach. A great feeling in cold January. A must-visit in our opinion if you are in Prenzlauer Berg and looking for a place with a great vibe and great food. Big thumbs up from us!!

I have heard so many people talk about „Benedict“ as the place where one can have breakfast twenty-four hours a day. For us, it is located on the other side of the city and it took us nearly 45 minutes to get there. They don’t take reservations so do expect a queue when you get there. We waited for quite a while but the food was definitely worth the wait. The menu is extensive and they offer a huge choice of all kinds of breakfast dishes. Our dishes were really tasty and we felt the price was fair too. If you are in the area, do give it a try!

Betty ‘n Caty
Betty ‘n Caty is a very popular breakfast choice in Prenzlauer Berg and I would absolutely recommend making a reservation before you go to avoid disappointment. They have recently moved to this larger restaurant facility and have a great inside and outside space. The terrace looks lovely with lots of plants, sunshine, and street views. Inside the restaurant is stylishly decorated and very inviting. They offer a great breakfast selection from smoothies and juices, great coffees and teas to delicious muesli and egg dishes. The cake and salads on offer looked great too, but I guess I will just have to come back for that!

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