April 2017


Two of my girlfriends and I hadn't seen each other together in quite some time. As we live in different cities we were looking for a place for us to get together. As I had never been to Stuttgart before, I suggested it and they were happy with this option. We agreed on late April and organised our transportation. Stuttgart is the capital city of the state of Baden-Würtemberg, located in the southwest of Germany. It is famous for cars such as Mercedes Benz and Porsche which both originate here as well as Siemens and Bosch to name only a few. Stuttgart has over 600,000 inhabitants and is Germany's sixth-largest city. The city lies in a fertile bowl-shaped valley about 270 m above sea level on the banks of the Neckar river. Locals refer to the basin as the "Stuttgarter Kessel" as during the summer months it has a hot and humid climate that is warmer than the surrounding countryside.

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