April 2017

What to do in Nashville

12 South
We started our Saturday with a visit to one of Nashville's hottest neighbourhoods, 12South. It is obviously located in the southern part of the city. If you are into comparisons I would say this part of town totally reminds me of Los Angeles and could be the Abbott McKinney (in the making) of Nashville. It is full of lovely houses, a great variety of restaurants, shops (including Reese Whiterspoons "Draper James"), food trucks, a moving flower shop, good-looking and well-dressed people, and some street art where visitors queue up to take pictures. Typical for Nashville must be the offering of music and jeans shops which are all beautifully appointed and inviting. This area has a lovely vibe and you just want to walk around, look into the shops and stop at all the restaurants to taste the food. A must-visit when you are in Nashville in my opinion. For more details, have a look at the website http://www.visitmusiccity.com/visitors/neighborhoods/12south

After our visit to 12South, we drove towards the center of Nashville and to The Broadway which is the street where so many of the city's live music venues are located. It was Saturday and this street was exceptionally busy with people walking from music venue to music venue to hear what was on offer in the streets. People wander from bar to bar, listening to all the music on offer and enjoy themselves. During the day, entry is free of charge but you might have to purchase a drink. You hear cover songs as well as many people performing their own stuff. Great atmosphere and a cool way to spend the afternoon... Loved it!

Music Walk of Fame
Outside the Country Music Hall of Fame is the Music Walk of Fame where many of the USA's biggest music stars have received their stars. Walk around and discover who earned this recognition already! A must-visit on your walk around town!

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