May 2019


During summer 2018, we watched the Netflix series Marseille where Gerard Depardieu plays the mayor of Marseille. We enjoyed the show a lot and we enjoyed the pictures of the city even more. We both hadn’t been to Marseille and so we decided to go on a long weekend break to the south of France for my birthday. Easyjet flies directly from Berlin in under three hours and we chose to stay for four days in France’s second-largest city. And let me tell you, we loved it! We were lucky with the weather, which was a good start but everything thing else was well worth this trip. What a great city, what a great destination. Do read on for our personal recommendations for a hotel, food, and drink and of course sightseeing too!

Plus we took a day trip away from Marseille and visited the university town of Aix en Provence. It is easily reachable by bus from Marseille in under an hour and there are regular connections between both cities. It is a very picturesque town with just under 150.000 inhabitants and it was home to the famous french painter Paul Cezanne. Beautiful cobblestone streets, stunning old houses, and buildings offer a lot to explore and see. The inner city is a shopping heaven and you will find inviting cafes and restaurants on every corner. A very charming, very french feeling town with a lot to offer!

Overall, we can wholeheartedly say that we were so very happy we visited. This city offered everything we were looking for. Sunny weather, a true sense of place (as this city is very unique and unlike any other city I have visited before), great options for things to do, a fabulous choice of restaurants and bars, shopping and just a great place to be. It is easily accessible, good to navigate around, and perfect to explore and see something new. Marseille, you have two new fans!!

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