July 2015

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AnotherFineStory is a blog mainly about travelling and about the city we currently live in. My name is Carmen and travelling is a huge part of my life, for pleasure and for work and we are sharing our experiences from those journeys in words and in colour. We, that is my better half Alex, who is a freelance photographer and web designer and he takes most our the photos you will see here. We travel together often (on some work trips he is not joining me, but sometimes he does come along) and extensively and enjoy exploring new and old destinations.
For many years, we lived and worked in Berlin, so there is a lot of great Berlin content to be found here. We then moved to Venice in Italy and we hope you like our little insider view into the world´s most romantic city. From Venice, we moved to Vienna and we are adding more Vienna content as we keep exploring the world´s most liveable city more and more.
Apart from travelling and exploring, we love our dog Joschi who we adopted in 2020, our friends and families, food and wine and clothes. So every now and then you will also see our favourite people, pets, places to eat and drink and things to wear too.
Thank you so much for stopping by, for your time and for your interest dear readers! If you have any comments or feedback for us please get in touch. If you want more and do not want to miss out on new articles, sign up for our newsletter too and join our Instagram account. We would love to hear from you and to get to know you!

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Carmen & Alex

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