October 2016

Bangkok Restaurant and Bar Tipp

For dinner, our friends who have lived in Bangkok for a little over a year took us to Above Eleven Rooftop Restaurant. It is located on the 34th floor of the Fraser Suite Sukhumvit Hotel and it is mostly open plan with excellent views of the city. The food is a mixture of Japanese and Peruvian food with a great selection to choose from. Definitely, a place to try out!

After dinner, we went to a bar in the Sukhumvit area, which is called Havana Social and is located in a little side street. To get in you have to dial a code on the keypad of an old telephone box and the door opens. Inside is something you totally would not expect. The bar looks like you have just been beamed directly to Cuba. The decor and design, the cocktails, the waitresses, and the live music are excellent and we sat there for a couple of hours to listen and enjoy. Great place!

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