July 2020

Hotel Pierer Food & Drinks

I think we weren´t hungry once during our three days stay at this hotel. Delicious food and drinks were always available and we were spoilt for choice. Breakfast was served in buffet style with a big choice of various dishes, a great bread selection, fruits, all kinds of coffees, cheeses, and much more. Just a few hours after breakfast and typical Austrian lunch ("Jause") was served in buffet style, followed by an absolutely fabulous 6 courses dinner with great choices for vegetarians too. The hotel offered various activities throughout our stay and guests can sign up to take part, according to their interests. We wanted to be part of the Wine Tasting, hosted by the owner Alfred Pierer himself. 10 other guests joined and we spent two short hours talking about wine, trying wine, and learning more about his passion to be a hotelier who now also owns a vineyard!!

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