June 2016

A week in Andalucia

We desperately needed a week's break after our recent move and we have never been to this beautiful part of the world before. So we decided to go to Andalucia, Spain's most southern region where you find culture and history as well as sun, beaches and great restaurants. At first, we couldn't decide whether to fly to Sevilla or Malaga as a week is not enough to do both if you also want to relax a bit. From Berlin, Malaga had better flight connections, so we decided on the Costa del Sol. We booked a hotel in Estepona, about an hour south of Malaga, and drove there in our rental car which we booked for the full week. June is still considered shoulder season, so there are tourists around but everything is pretty relaxed, no need for reservations anywhere, and it is not crowded at all. Early June was the perfect time to visit in our opinion!

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4 Things to Explore

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