March 2021

Instahusband for Rent

It all started with an article I read on Easyjet Magazine during a flight from Berlin to Venice. In April 2019 we flew to Venice for a job interview for me to become the Director of Sales & Marketing for San Clemente Palace Kempinski in Venice. In the article, the author wrote about her experience where she hired a photographer while on a city break in Rome. She was travelling by herself and wanted better photos than just the selfies she would take of herself. So she decided to have someone follow her around the big landmarks of Rome to take her "perfect Instagram picture". Afterwards, she was very pleased to have a great collection of fabulous snaps from her trip. She had to revisit some of the sights the day after as she did not have that much time during her photo session, but at least the pictures looked fab ;)

When I was hired for the job in Venice, Alex and I brainstormed about his work possibilities once we would live in Venice. He is a freelance web designer and photographer and his work is pretty much independent of where we live. He can create and build websites from anywhere, so that part was covered. And in terms of photography, what better city to take photos of than Venice? With no shortage of tourists back in 2019, our idea for “Your Insta Photo Shoot” was born. We (Alex) created a website for people to book or request a time slot with him during their stay in Venice. Alex would then meet them at a location of their choice and follow them for an agreed amount of time to take their photos while strolling through Venice. This way for example a couple had pictures with both of them in it instead of just one or the other. Or someone who is travelling solo had a nice collection of photos instead of just awkward selfies to show people back home.

We were of course not the only ones with this idea and there were a number of photographers in Venice offering the same service. And this does of course not only happen in Venice. You can hire a photographer in many destinations all over the world to document special occasions, friends or family trips, a honeymoon or just that special city trip!

To find a local photographer either search online as most photographers have a web presence and you can easily find and contact them. If you need one in Vienna (where we currently live), do get in touch here to arrange a time slot for Alex to take your pics.
Alternatively, find a photographer on this great page I came across. It is called Flytographer where you can locate a photographer in the destination you travel to who is specialised in this field and knows the good spots in the city to take pics. So you get a little city tour as well as great photos at the same time.

I know now is not the time to travel again but maybe this is an idea to do in your own city. Don´t we all take more (and nicer) photos when we are on holiday but rarely when we are at home? We have so many great photos of our trips but sometimes I want a great photo of us in our own city too.
Maybe this is an idea for something to do during the current stay-at-home period. Play tourist in your own city, sightsee as if you are on holiday, and hire a local photographer to take your pictures while strolling around. Visit our Instagram Account "YourInstaPhotoShoot" to see a few couples who have just done that in Vienna and before in Venice. And back in September 2020, I was contacted on Instagram by someone who had recently moved to Vienna. I am not the professional photographer between Alex and me but he wanted me to take his pictures while sightseeing in Vienna and I think it was great fun for both of us. Try it, I can recommend it!! And you will love the results!!

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