New York

New York - I have been to this fascinating city many times over the years, both for work and pleasure. It never seems to get boring, and it actually feels really nice to keep going back to a city you don’t live in, yet you do know it quite well. There is not really anything in particular I want to see or visit when I go these days. I simply just want to wander around, soak up the athomsphere of this mega city, explore and be part of this city that is like no other.
This time around, we visited my sister and her family as they currently live in New York. So this time, we saw a different side of the Big Apple as they live in Long Island City. I have put together some tips for you for a side of New York that you might not have seen yet... Enjoy reading!

09. Dec 2017

Long Island City
This was our first time in Long Island City. A new, up and coming residential area that is actually really well connected to Manhattan and the rest of Long Island. Only one stop on the underground to go to Grand Central station and go from a sleep high street to the craziness that is on of Manhattans largest railway station. Alternatively you just hop in the ferry to go to Manhattan, Brooklyn or down to Wall Street and get a fabulous sightseeing tour at the same time. Many high rise residential building are being developed directly at the waterfront with great views of Manhattan, nice restaurants, a high street, bars and some shops for your everyday needs. More and more micro breweries and galleries pop up in the areas and the hip crowd is moving in. I enjoyed the vibe of the streets, the closeness to Manhattan combined with this less hectic small town feel. Go and explore, you’ll love it.
Parts of Brooklyn have become very popular in recent years and more and more people are drawn to this beautiful part of the city. Of course the walk from Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge to the part of Brooklyn called Dumbo has become hugely popular. Williamsburg with it's beautiful Brownstone houses and hip high streets is a huge draw and the street food vans and graffiti's all over add to the appeal. There are now hotels opening in the old warehouse district of Williamsburg with great bars with views of Manhattan. Check out the Ides Bar at The Whythe Hotel if you are in the area. Breath-taking view from the inside or outside, really nice staff and great cocktails! Don't forget Brooklyn on your to do list for your next new York visit!!
New York Ferry
From Long Island City it is easy to take the ferry to get to other parts of the city. It is a quick 5 minutes ride straight over to Manhattan or approximately 30 minutes to go all the way to Wall Street. And for under 3 USD you get a free sightseeing tour without the commentary but with the excellent views. You can sit inside and out and you can take great photos of midtown, famous Brooklyn Bridge, downtown and the skyline overall. I felt this was the best bargain tip for things to do in New York I had received in a long time.
The Hamptons
I have always wanted to visit the famous Hamptons on Long Island and this was the year to do it. From Long Island City, we drive about 1 hour and 30 minutes until we reached the picturesque town of Southampton. This is a medium size town, very pretty and looked after, so we stopped for a walk and a bit of lunch. After lunch we continued on to the absolutely fantastic beach and went for a sunny winter walk by the sea. It was a beautiful day for a long stroll, sunny and not too cold. We checked out the massive beachside houses and tried to figure out who actually lives there. At this time of year the houses looked all pretty empty and closed up but I cannot wait to check it out in summer too. A great day trip from New York, perfect to refuel and get fresh energy!!
I always love to try different breakfast spots and different kinds of breakfast dishes. I read about "Bakeri" on Foursquare and saw it wasin our neighbourhoof. So we walked from Long Island City over to Greenpoint in Brooklyn, an up and coming neighbourhood with lots of house renovations going on as well as many nice looking restaurants on our way. And "Bakeri" held it's promise from Foursquare. I loved the interior, very warm and welcoming with a large table in the middle, a counter where you can buy either buy your breads and pastries to go or to stay and a table to sit at and watch the ladies in the bakery going about their daily work. We chose to sit and watch the goings on in the bakery and had our coffee, smoothie and egg dishes while we did. Delicious, fresh, friendly and warm! Yeah!! Loved it!
And no visit to the US is complete with a proper brunch. So on our last day we read about "Anella", again located in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn. We liked the look and feel and the items on the menu sound delicious, so we reserved a table. The restaurant is divided into two long rooms and is furnished with warm wood and a large bar which leads me to believe it is not only a good spot for brunch. Our table was right at the window and we felt looked after by the team very well. They offer a great choice of dishes from the classic American breakfast, to vegetarian options and more uncommon breakfast items. Food was delicious, service very friendly and fast combined with a warm, comfy atmosphere!!
The Fifth Hammer Brewing company is one of a few breweries that have recently opened up in Long Island City in the old warehouses. It is open 7 days a week and we went late on Monday afternoon. Cool, warehouse type atmosphere, an entertaining guy behind the bar, lots of space, a great bar to sit at and yes, a great variety of beers! They offer what they call NYC style IPA's, rye amber ale's, their beer in cans to go and much more. If you are in the area, it's a must visit in my opinion!!
... and of course Manhattan
There is so much to do and see in Manhattan that I don't even know where to begin. As I have been many times, there are particular areas that I keep going back to. For shopping, I visit the lower end of Broadway, where it crosses Houston Street and the whole area around it every time. For food during the day I love the West Village and Chelsea market. For a walk check out Highline Park and for that typical New York feeling, walk around the Empire State building. New York's tragic history will hit you around One World Trade Center and Wall Street and those famous streets of New York amaze you, no matter where in the city you walk them. Just walk (with comfy shoes) and enjoy!!


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