Between Bordeaux and the ocean

This year, our pre-summer trip took us to France's Atlantic coast after celebrating my friends birthday in Brittany. We decided on the area around Bordeaux and found a beautiful AirBnB apartment close to Arcachon. It was the Garden House of a bigger house and we were able to sit on our own terrace, enjoy the pool and use their bicycles too. I did not know this, but the area is very well equipped for cyclist with bicycle lanes everyhwhere and a great route system. I loved exploring this way, especially as it wasn't too hot. In this blog post you will find some ideas of what do to and where to go, even if it is not warm enough to swim and if you travel before the high summer season starts.

10. Jun 2018

Bordeaux - the basics
The last time I was in the city of Bordeaux was in 1996 and I felt it was time to go back. We flew Easyjet directly from Berlin, stayed for two nights and chose the Design Hotel Seeko's as our base. It is located by the river to the north of the city center and it was easily connected to the inner city either by using the tram or by walking along the river front. From the airport it takes approximately one hour to get to the city center by bus which is an easy and very affordable option to get to the city. Our rate didn't include breakfast so we ventured out to find a place where the French people go. And we got lucky and found "Rue Notre Dame", a beautful small side street close to the city center with little shops, restaurants and bars. We found an outside table at "La Petite Boulangerie Notre Dame" and started out day with a delicious pain au chocolat, fresh orange juice and coffee. A great place for another coffee during the day is "Place du Parliament" with a great choice of food and beverage options. For our sundowner drink we chose the roof top bar of the Interncontinental Hotel opposite the theatre. The bar is on the top floor of the hotel and you have amazing views over the city of Bordeaux. And finally for dinner I can wholehearteldy recommend "Place du Marché des Chartrons", The restaurants that surround the square all have tables and chairs in the middle sof the square and it is a great, relaxed athmosphere where we had delicious food and that great french wine!!
Bordeaux - the sights
The beauty of Bordeaux and the feeling the city gives you is a sight in itself, with the stunning old houses, the small streets and the fascinating building all around. After finishing our breakfast, we went on a little walking tour around the city to take in the sights the city is famous for. We started at "Place des Quinconces Bordeaux" a wide open square facing the river and walked over to "Église Notre-Dame". From there we moved on to the beautiful theatre which is the heart of the city. Then our walk took us back to the water front where we watch "Le Miroir d'eau" in action. Especially when it is warm people gather around this water feature for the mirror images, to cool down and to enjoy the view from the city to the river and vice versa. Kids play in the water and adults cool their feet, a perfect stop on your sightseeing tour. After we cooled down a little we walked on to Parliament Square with it's little fountain and on to "Porte Dijeaux" an 18th century city gate. We ended our tour at Palais Rohan and Cathedral St. Andre which are loacted next to each other.
Dune du Pilat
Visiting the “Dune du Pilat”, Europe’s largest sand dune was high on our agenda and so we cycled there from our AirBnB apartment. Cycling is pretty much perfect in this area as there are cycling lanes pretty much everywhere. We cycled through the pine forest and then suddenly arrived at this impressive site. First you see people walking above the trees and then you realise, they are waling on the dune which is right there, behind the forest. It felt surreal and we couldn't wait to climb up to the top. The Dune of Pilat is about 2.7 km long and 110m above sea level. You can either climb up using the stairs or you take your shoes off and walk through the sand which we did. The amazing views totally make up for the climb! You can go down the other side to go to the water or you just sit on top and take in the beauty!! Amazing!!!
The city of Arcachon is located approximately one hour from Bordeaux by the sea side. We decided to spend a few days in this area to be close to the sea. We found a fabolous AirBnB apartment and explored a little. You could definitely tell it was still pre-summer season as many restaurants were closed and not too many people where on the street. The city itself is however nice for a stroll and some shopping in the evenings and we found a nice area close to the sea side to have a drink and dinner outside. Have a look for "Paris Pyla" a bar / restaurant on the south western part of the city which has great athmosphere. We also liked "Etche Ona", a little further south towards the large sand dune. Another cool thing to do is climing up the Belvedere Observatory. Only 8 people are allowed on it at any time but the view of the city and the bay is stunning. And it is free of charge...
Lacanau Ocean
The French Atlantic coast is always great for surfing. Now, I don't know anything about surfing but it is still great to watch them in action and see how they master (or sometimes not so much) the waves. So for a day, we drove to the beach part of Lacanau and walked around this summer location. We found a perfect spot with "Le Beach Bar" from where to sit in a semi shade, enjoy a cool drink and watch the beach life go by...
St. Emilion
We also wanted to do something wine related and decided to visit the town of St. Emilion, approximetyl 35 km to the east of Bordeaux. And we found a beautiful, picturesque town which has everything to do with wine, especially red wine. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with Romanesque churches and ruins all along steep and narrow streets. So it is definitely beautful to look at and roam around. The wine tradition was started by monks hundreds of years ago and today the area is one of the main red wine regions of Bordeaux where mainly Merlot and cabarent Franc are being grown. We loved walking around town, trying some delicious wines with our lunch. For a proper wine tasting and a guided tour of one of the chateaus you ideally have to plan in advance and book a tour before going there.


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